Why Do Clownfish Have Black Spots?

Do you have a Clownfish in your aquarium? Do you like their vibrant appearance? We know you do. Clownfish are brightly colored fish found in the open ocean.  Besides bright colors, they have black spots on their bodies. This colored spectrum gives them their clown-like appearance. And no wonder why we call them “Clownfish.”  But … Read more

What Tank Size Do I Need for Blue Tang?

Don’t be fooled by its one-inch baby appearance when it is in a pet store. Blue tank quickly outgrows the aquarium if its small. So, how big a tank size should be for a blue tank? It should be 75-gallon, minimum. The more you can provide, the better for the fish. A 100-gallon tank is … Read more

What Tank Size Do I Need for a Porcupine Puffer?

Porcupine puffers are also known as balloon fish for good reasons. They have the ability to inflate with water when they are frightened. However, what size tank do I need for the porcupine puffer? How much do they grow as an adult? Well, a porcupine puffer can grow up to 20”. That is why they … Read more

What Is The Ideal Salinity For A Reef Tank?

A reef tank is a saltwater aquarium for live corals, marine plants, and fish. If you are willing to make a reef tank or reef aquarium, you need a good amount of knowledge about salinity. To make sure, good health of your corals, you must maintain salinity with ocean water. But it is not easy … Read more

What Is The Ideal Alkalinity For Reef Tank?

Alkalinity is one of the most crucial parameters for a reef tank or any other saltwater aquarium. From the health of coral to the performance of aquarium equipment, most of the intrinsic properties of a reef tank thoroughly depends on the level of alkalinity.   So if you want to maintain the equilibrium of your reef … Read more

Are Pineapple Sponges Good or Bad For Reef Tanks?(Explained)

We know how much you care for your tiny pets in your aquarium. Even the smallest things may seem to be an issue as fishes are really sensitive pets to keep. And sometimes it can be really stressful when you are clashing with something you don’t know or are not sure about the exact effects. … Read more

How Small Can A Reef Tank Be?

Reef tanks come in many sizes, from micro reef tanks with a capacity of 20 gallons to huge reef tanks with a capacity of 300 gallons or more. Many seasoned aquarium enthusiasts concur that larger is preferable when it comes to tank size. A Pico tank or Pico reef aquarium is the tiniest reef aquarium. They … Read more

Are Amphipods Good or Bad for Reef Tank?

Amphipods, also known as sea fleas, are common in reef tanks. For several reasons, these tiny creatures tend to be a favorite of many reef keepers.  Some consider them to be suitable for their reef tank, and some doubt if there are any possibilities of drawbacks in their tank because of these amphipods.  However, good … Read more

What is the Ideal Phosphate Level in a Reef tank?(Explained)

Maintaining an optimum phosphate level for a healthy, growing reef tank is important. And the optimum level is close to the maximum limit. Additionally, there are various inevitable reasons behind the rise in phosphate levels in your reef tank. For example, it can be your water supply or the food you have to feed your … Read more

Clownfish Fighting

Clown fish, also known as anemonefish, are a popular addition to saltwater aquariums due to their vibrant colors and unique behavior. However, one common issue that many clown fish owners face is aggression among their fish. These territorial creatures have a tendency to fight each other, which can lead to injury or even death. One … Read more