Marine Aquarium Basics

Embarking on the journey of setting up a marine aquarium can be an exciting venture, bringing a slice of the ocean’s beauty into your home. To ensure the success of your marine ecosystem, it’s essential to start with meticulous planning. You’ll need to understand the requirements of maintaining a saltwater habitat, from the delicate water … Read more

What is Reefkeeping?

Reefkeeping involves the practice of maintaining and caring for a saltwater aquarium that features a diverse range of marine life, including corals, fish, and invertebrates. This specialized form of aquarium keeping requires a thorough understanding of the unique needs of coral reefs and the delicate balance of water chemistry, lighting, and flow that supports their … Read more

What Tank Size Do I Need for Blue Tang?

Don’t be fooled by its one-inch baby appearance when it is in a pet store. Blue tank quickly outgrows the aquarium if its small. So, how big a tank size should be for a blue tank? It should be 75-gallon, minimum. The more you can provide, the better for the fish. A 100-gallon tank is … Read more

Are Amphipods Good or Bad for Reef Tank?

Amphipods, also known as sea fleas, are common in reef tanks. For several reasons, these tiny creatures tend to be a favorite of many reef keepers.  Some consider them to be suitable for their reef tank, and some doubt if there are any possibilities of drawbacks in their tank because of these amphipods.  However, good … Read more